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If my goal is to gain recognition as a writer, one of the most important tasks is getting published. As I recently learned from reading the Write Practice newsletter, consistently submitting short stories for publication helps writers grow a following and gain recognition.

Several times in the past year, writing shorter pieces has been suggested as a path to publication. While writing a short story may actually be more difficult in some ways than a novella, it is certainly a good way to build skills.

For example, both short stories and novels require development of characters, scenes and effective dialog. The primary difference is that a short story will have fewer characters and scenes and less dialog.

With this idea rattling around in my head, a few days ago I decided to sign up for the Fall Short Story Contest. Assured that having never written a short story is not a problem. The contest is structured so that writers write a story, submit it for participation in a workshop and then have the opportunity to submit the revised story to the contest.

Why not? There’s no time like the present to dive in and get started.

The theme for the short story is “Haunted.” After all, we are in the spooky season.

I’m not a horror fan, though at one time I had read every word Steven King ever wrote. Now, my taste runs more toward mystery and historical fiction. However, the criteria is pretty flexible.

Years ago, something happened that stuck my mind, and I’ve been looking for a way to create a story from it. I think that with a little work, I can use it to create a story with a “Haunted” theme.

The deadline for submission to the workshop is tomorrow, so I’ve spent the weekend creating a first draft of a 1,500 word short story. By this time tomorrow, it will be submitted.

“Let today be the day where you rise above the excuses” – Hiral Nagda

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  1. And you still had time to squeeze a blog post into the day too. Kudos.
    I have a foolish question about changing reading preferences.
    My wife used to read romance novels and now she reads murder mysteries.
    Should I be worried?
    Blog on!

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